What is Angle

Despite the efforts to craft workflows that help us deliver well-implemented and free-of-bugs apps, there’s a piece that often feels detached from everything else, QA. Most companies defer it to a final check before releasing apps. While that allows catching bugs, it has two major pitfalls: the bugs that are not caught end up in the hands of users, and when bugs are found, it triggers a tedious process to fix the issue and build a new release candidate to test through the QA process.

What if we could remove that final step? What if everyone could try out changes before they make it into master? What if you don’t need to be a developer to do so? That’s where Angle comes in.

Angle makes it easy and fast to try out changes to apps. With Angle, running builds is just one click away from a repository, pull requests, and the link that someone shared with you over Slack. It takes care of setting up the environment with the elements that are necessary to run the builds.

By running Angle right after the app is compiled on continuous integration (CI), the app is uploaded, complemented with Git metadata, and made it available to all the users that have access to the repository. They just need to install Angle, log in, and start running builds.

Angle empowers everyone in the organization to be a tester.